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Buckwheat Flour 500 g

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Buckwheat Flour 500 g

Molino Filippini

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With its very particular nutritious properties, buckwheat flour offers an indispensable basis for a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes.

Molino Filippini’s buckwheat flour is known for its purity and high nutrition value. This type of grain is rich in minerals, fibre, and vitamins, and offers an excellent basis for myriad uses, the most famous being buckwheat polenta and of course scrumptious pizzoccheri!


  • slowfood: No

Chef's Advice

Ideal for oven-baked dishes and buckwheat polenta. Since buckwheat has no gluten, when used for bread-making it is usually mixed with standard flour to lend elasticity to the dough which is not gluten-free.

Mondo Filippini is a well-known food company based in Teglio in northern Italy. Founded in the early 1900s in the “homeland” of the flat-ribbon buckwheat pasta known as pizzoccheri, this firm has gained a certain renown for its production. From this particular type of wheat, the Molino Filippini mill produces the well-known dark flour used for preparing pizzoccheri as well as sciatt (a fried dough-ball typical of the Valtellina) and the famous taragna cornmeal dish. Exacting quality and tradition combined with state-of-the-art equipment, along with years of acquired know-how handed down from generation to generation, have earned Molino Filippini wide prestige as one of Italy’s finest food companies.
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Buckwheat Flour 500 g




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