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Visciole cotte al sole 220 gr

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Sun-Cooked Morello Cherries 200g

Azienda Agricola Si.Gi.

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It's time for sun-cooked morello cherries again!
The Sun-Cooked Morello Cherries produced by Si.Gi revive an ancient recipe for this preserve. The cherries and sugar are placed in the sun in a special jar that allows the berries to dry out slowly, while the sugar dissolves. This process takes from 38 to 45 days, and generates the cherry syrup naturally, without requiring water to be added. 
The ingredients used are 100% Italian, and come from Si.Gi's own organic farm and local crops. 
Sun-Cooked Morello Cherries are a typical product included in the "Preserves" section of the Atlas of Typical Products by INSOR (The National Institute of Rural Sociology).


Morello cherries and sugar


Conservation Room Temperature
Storage time 24 months. The product must be stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened keep in fridge and consume within 2-3 weeks.

Chef's Advice

Perfect at breakfast or snack time, these sweet morello cherries are perfect to add to ice cream or yoghurt. Excellent also for making desserts.

The company was founded in October 1996 by Silvano Buccolini and his wife Giuliana Papa, hence the company’s acronym. Two of the pivotal ingredients guaranteeing the excellence of the company’s production are respect for tradition and the reinstatement of time-honoured family recipes and flavours. The processing methods and ingredients are those of old, with all the choicest fruit picked from among the traditional varieties, including types ignored by modern cuisines. This and the retrieval of household and farm traditions are among the many factors that have placed SI. GI. in the forefront of Italy’s artisanal production. To ensure their preserves and pickles are rich in flavour and goodness, the company applies simple, natural processing methods that include respecting the cycles of the season, observing organic growing methods, and handling all the ingredients manually. Without such exacting procedures the produce of SI. GI. would not have attained the outstanding results for which it is widely acknowledged.

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Sun-Cooked Morello Cherries 200g




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